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Android third party tools to increase the performance of your app.

In our android apps it’s not always easy to find performance issues, that’s why we have to use some tools to help us find them. In this article I’d like to tell you about some third party libraries that try to make android developers’ life easier.

I tried to make a small review of each tool that I found on the Internet that helps with performance issues and is still actual today. I’d be happy if you can mention any other tool that I missed.

A transparent ui-block detection library, also known as BlockCanary (to pay respect to the LeakCanary lib). UX flow is also similar to LeakCanary: whenever the library finds a UI block longer than time interval you specified, it will inform you with notification and show you detailed information about the block.

implementation com.github.1951fdg.androidperformancemonitor:blockcanary-android:1.6.4

Another usefull library with which you’ll be able to see how performant are Activity lifecycle methods (onCreate(), onStart(), onResume()), info about dropped frames and even time it takes Dagger to initialize objects in a dependency graph (if you use Dagger 2 in you project)

Studio CPU profiler is a great tool to trace methods, but sometimes it’s not enough. As Uber guys say “After running into limitations of the Android Studio CPU profiler, we built Nanoscope, an internal tool to provide us with better method tracing.”

Well, that’s a name you won’t forget. This is a performance monitor tool, where you can easily monitor the performance of your app in real time in pc browser. I’ve only tested it on the demo app, but it has already impressed me. It shows Fps/RAM/PSS/Battery, Cpu/Heap/Traffic, Leak Memory/App Janks, Network and Thread details etc.

Another powerfull tool from Chinese guys. As they say:

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