Guilty of Murder?

This is an argument that the abortion debate is difficult and complex moral issue, and that Roe was a moderate, reasonable, and balanced approach.


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A triple threat is associated with acting, but is interchangeable with many professions or in my case RBD. For instance, I love the WNBA, because I have never seen so many professional, elite, intellectual athletes who play so hard for the love of the game. They are not in it for the money or recognition. My favorite player is someone I hold dear to my heart due to her unrelenting attitude. I have never seen this elite, intelligent, humanitarian (triple threat) person ever give up. Triple threat in basketball, non-profit foundation, business owner. There is no quitting in her DNA. I think you get the theme. I am also a triple threat, (RBD Style) I hallucinate, I have audible hallucinations and of course, rounding out the condition, fight night (danger, danger, Will Robinson) I am an absolute triple threat in nighttime Boxing, Judo and Gymnastics. Last night was my umteenth Triple Threat Night. It’s one of those nights that make you want to chuck it all and give up. I can not tell you how many times, I would think, I’m done !! I then think what would (insert my fave player here…) do ? She would tell me, after giving me a hug first, rub some dirt on it and be the best at who you are. There is no giving up in RBD (I can hear her voice in my head right now). There is no crying in baseball, you go out and change the world, but you fight. You make a change with your condition for others and you do it with passion. I am very lucky because I have another friend who is a triple threat. Basketball, PHD Doctorate, business owner and I hear her in my head right now saying, you can change the world thru excellence and hard work but it can only be done with passion, relentlessness and heart. So at the end of the day, I didn’t throw in the towel or call it quits. I rubbed some dirt on it, did my chores and starting writing this article. My next plan of attack is to go to a close by medical school and see if they will let me lecture our future Physicians about the disease and put a face on it and also help reduce the 2+ year average for the diagnosis for this condition. The reason this will help the future is for those who can’t get to the answer fast enough and opt out the hard way. Those people who opt out do it for their family not for selfish reasons. Don’t ever think they are cowards or took the easy way out. They did it because their families also suffer and deal with this disease, same as my family, who has to watch me go thru this journey and also have to suffer in silence right along with me. So thankfully I have people in my life who won’t let me quit but encourage me to change the world. This is dedicated to them… Fellow RBD’ers….Get some rest…. tomorrow will be better !!

Just a person dealing with a medical condition that most average people do not understand. Honoring those who may have left us all way to soon like Robin Williams.

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