What I Learned About Variables That Changed My Understanding of Computer Programming

Variables are one of the most fundamental concepts learned as a software engineer or hobbyist programmer. So fundamental, they are, that it is easy to use them with an understanding of the what? and…


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While every sportsman would surely dream of playing long in their career or retiring at the top of their game, some players see their promising careers cut short due to injury.

It is common to many generations to have lost a talent with the barrier of cumulative wear and tear on players’ bodies which reduces their good performance at their peak, while for some, their careers end just in a moment, one unfortunate hard tackle and that’s it.

We have seen the likes of some rising talents in Nigerian local football league ending in a jiffy due to injury that can’t be manage by the local club or because the player couldn’t bear the cost of surgery and do not get help of any form.

A good example is our Olympic ’96 goal keeper Dosu Joseph.
Although the rich football clubs may seem a world apart from grassroot fundraising now, history has it that many football clubs across the United

Kingdom were founded in the late 19th Century by what was essentially an early form of crowdfunding.

They use the availability of crowd fundraising to support their expenses in taking care of injuries, and other expenditures.

Groups of people, contributing small amounts of money or resources to get their community team started and then using the money to purchase kits, land for a pitch or even build a stadium.

This approach can be applied to Nigerian Sports Administration to help secure the career of every Sportsman with or without a club side. We have seen the success of crowdfunding in other fields like agriculture (Farm Crowdfunding), business, health and others.

A good move is that every sportsman handicapped financially can always depend on crowdfunding since sports arguably is now the number 1 uniting event in the world.

Online fundraising platforms in Nigeria like FundmeNg (the GofundMe of Nigeria) have been able to achieve some greatness in terms of assistance with fund raising in Nigeria for medical bills.

The step to get started on donation websites in Nigeria (like fundmeng.com, the Gofundme alternative platform in Nigeria) for your cause is as easy as plug and play.

Visit any crowdfunding platform, e.g fundmeng.com recommended and follow the instructions.

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