Android third party tools to increase the performance of your app.

In our android apps it’s not always easy to find performance issues, that’s why we have to use some tools to help us find them. In this article I’d like to tell you about some third party libraries…


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How to Stick to the Keto Diet During Quarantine

Five ways to help you stay on track

Many people -myself included- have been finding it hard to maintain the diets they followed before quarantine, especially being at home constantly with easy access to a fully stocked fridge! Before quarantine I followed the Keto diet, which is basically an extremely low carb as well as high fat diet. A week into quarantine I was eating high-carb pizza, pasta, and potato, and every time I would try to get back on track I would fall off again, and end up thinking

I woke up one day and I was 4 kilograms heavier, so I decided to get back on track. Finally, I went back on the keto diet, and this is what helped me do it.

Quarantine has us panic buying food that isn’t necessarily keto friendly, like pasta and rice, and because these were the available options I fell off the wagon. To get back on track, as I noticed my high carbs foods were almost finished, I purchased keto friendly food like low-carb wraps, zucchini and avocado. I was left with these keto-friendly foods which made it easier to cook meals that are low carb.

It can be limiting when you don’t know how to cook many meals, and therefore a solution would be to go online and search for new recipes, or even buy a book. Learning new recipes had me excited to learn a new meal every day, and it motivated me to figure out if the keto friendly meals tasted good. These are a few low carb recipe ideas from different cooking websites:

If you’ve got a new set of plates, use them! If you can buy new ones do that too. Something that has helped me was purchasing new kitchen dinnerware sets, and I got really excited to use them. It also helps to decorate your surroundings, change your tablecloth, light up a candle!

It’s not enough to know many recipes! Despite knowing many recipes I still stuck to the ones that I found easiest for myself to make. After a while that got dull and I no longer wanted to eat my meals, so I went for my high carb pizzas and pastas. I decided to spice things up, and I started looking at different cuisines which got me excited to go back on track.

It can also get frustrating to be the only person at home following a certain diet, so getting others involved is a nice change. Show others that Keto doesn’t necessarily mean restricting yourself, and there are substitutes for everything. Show them that Keto doesn’t mean you can’t have your pizza or pasta, and make a dish that everyone can enjoy. I live alone, so what I do is FaceTime one of my siblings or parents to try the same meal, and we’d eat together. Feeling that you are not alone helps you commit to the diet!

Something to keep in mind is that stress, depression, and anxiety could also play a role in whether or not you continue following your diet. It’s important to take care of yourself and your mental health first before attempting to take care of your physical health.

Six tips for low-carb COVID-19 preparedness by Anne Mullens at

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