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How Cisco Webex Transforms Your Distance Learning Schedule

This information shows us that the educational industry is changing. People are (or will soon have to be) more comfortable learning online, and businesses are jumping at the opportunity to serve their needs in remote environments.

Cisco, through its Webex tools, is leading the way in online education through its core video conferencing platform and tight ecosystem of education partners.

In this post, we’ll look at the following:

As we move to a world of online learning, you need to figure out how to transmit knowledge to students in a way that’s easy to absorb and scale.

In this digital environment, learning facilities must think about how to teach students in the most clear and efficient way possible.

Though Cisco Webex Teams is often thought of as a business tool, it has changed the way that people work in education too.

Cisco Webex has the capacity to bring students and teachers together, just like colleagues in a workplace.

With an integrated set of products for messaging, calling, and meetings, Cisco Webex goes beyond basic communications and delivers immersive experiences.

In a classroom setting, Webex offers:

Currently, the Cisco collaboration team is working harder than ever to open the benefits of Cisco as a collaborative hub to not just the business world, but the educational environment too.

Part of achieving that goal means working closely with dedicated education partners.

The Cisco Partner ecosystem includes a host of partners, as well as independent software vendors and technology partners.

Working together, these unique teams can deliver a great educational experience to anyone using the Cisco Webex environment.

Let’s walk through 10 of the best partners and tools for starting your distance learning schedule.

Cisco’s effort to open collaboration tools to the masses has inspired a host of ecosystem partners building within the Webex platform to deliver their own solutions.

While distance learning is not a new concept, it’s changed from something that is largely done in rural areas to provide greater access to education or as a gateway to specialized courses to the standard operating procedures for many global education institutions.

Here are just some of the leading tools in the Webex marketplace that are transforming the way that educators and students connect in the remote landscape.

With Vyopta, K-12 and Higher Education gain deep insights into their distance learning programs like:

In addition, institutions are able to monitor and ensure that online learning events meet optimal quality standards including:

Distance learning webinar Vyopta

All are seasoned experts in the distance learning space and had a great deal to share about how COVID-19 has changed the needs of the learning community.

One area of particular interest was the lack of internet access faced by many of the students with distance learning as their only option for the remainder of the school year in many places.

With monitoring and analytics provided by Vyopta, areas without internet access could be identified and alternate strategies put in place to support those students. In one instance, Wi-Fi enabled school buses were deployed to serve as hotspots.

If you’ve chosen Webex Teams for collaboration, you’re in safe hands. You can chat with colleagues — and even external guests that use the same platform.

But, what happens when you need to chat with external contacts that don’t use Webex Teams?

Historically, you’d revert to email, or track that person down. Without the luxury of being able to walk down the hall or cross-campus, the latter is removed here.

Reverting to email is, well, historical. Archaic even. If you’re now spending your collaboration time in Webex Teams, the chances are you’ve realized the benefits of real-time and asynchronous communications. The chances are that your external contacts have realized this too.

Email will always serve a purpose. But, it no longer needs to be a hindrance.

You stay in Webex. They stay in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Let’s say you’re prepping a seminar. You have a scientist who uses Webex Teams for presentations, but a consultant who prefers Microsoft Teams. How will you keep everyone connected?

You could:

With Mio, you don’t have to navigate those scenarios. You and your students and educators all communicate using your favorite tools. No compromise necessary.

Stay in Webex Teams and message external contacts on Microsoft Teams or Slack

You can manage your faculty without leaving Webex Teams. That includes not just sending messages, but editing, deleting, threading, and even GIFs and file sharing.

Sometimes you need to go beyond audio and instant messaging to deliver the best learning experience. Maybe you need access to a whiteboard you can share with your team, or presentation software?

A traditional university offering distance learning experiences for external academics might want to use signage elements and digital whiteboards for both in-house and remote students. In a legacy environment, this would mean taking pictures of whiteboards and putting them on the cloud for remote learners to use.

With Cisco Webex and Appspace, there’s an alternative.

Appspace integrates with Cisco endpoints, room kits, and whiteboards to help schools share in-classroom experiences with people who can’t visit the school.

Appspace offers:

This means internal and external students get the same seamless educational experience.

For teachers that need to plan webinars and broadcasts in a lecture hall environment for distance students, Appspace also provides booking and reservation technology. Teachers can set up automated reminders for their overseas students to let them know when homework and projects are due.

With AppSpace, you can save time by creating immersive and cohesive educational experiences for their students, wherever they are.

Involvio concentrates on revolutionizing how colleges explore the student experience. According to Ari Winkleman, the CEO and founder of Involvio, the company is focused on “creating a data-driven campus”.

Involvio achieves this goal by providing a Remote Campus kit. The Remote Campus is available at a discounted rate for Cisco customers, and provides a rich community environment through Cisco technology, where students can stay connected with their peers, and teachers.

4. Data-driven remote campuses with Involvio

Features include:

From roll-call technology that helps you see which of your students are most engaged with your classes, to in-depth student and teacher data protection, Involvio has a lot to offer. You can even access full reports to show them how engagement and attendance are changing from one week to the next.

Involvio helps you deliver consistent and engaging experiences to students who are stepping into the virtual world. With a dedicated resources environment, it’s easy to ensure students have the information they need to complete their tasks.

One of the primary focus points of Cisco’s strategy to deliver better distance learning is opening the door to simple one-touch meeting experiences. Cisco Webex believes launching a digital lecture or discussing a class with a student should be as quick and easy as possible.

However, if a learning facility needs to communicate with students from different parts of the world at once, it can be difficult to find a time when everyone is available. That’s where Approved Contact comes in. This Cisco Webex partner integrates with leading calendaring solutions, like Office 365 and Google Calendar. The result is an easy scheduling experience for all contacts.

You can access information on students and their available times, while students can book meeting slots with specific educators to get one-on-one help.

Approved Contact has also developed integrations within Cisco Webex Teams using APIs. This means students can ask the Approved Contact bot when a teacher is free when they want to book a one-on-one meeting.

Theta Lake is a purpose-built compliance and supervision suite that works alongside the Cisco Webex portfolio. Enterprise companies aren’t the only groups that need to keep an eye on the security of their collaborative strategies. Schools and universities need safety too.

Theta Lake addresses the security, privacy, and compliance concerns of distance education. The company wants to make sure that students and faculty members are protected, whether they’re learning on the web, or in person.

Distance learning compliance via Theta Lake

Features include:

With Theta Lake for the Cisco Webex environment, you capture conversations with students and use information to update their lesson plans and strategies. You can also store lesson information using secure data centers and track down crucial information from lessons too.

The AI-based supervision technology built into Theta Lake also ensures that only approved individuals can access the information in your digital environment.

Theta Lake’s purpose-built compliance product comes with tools for the automatic detection of regulatory risks, and extensive archiving.

As a Cisco Webex partner, Theta Lake is working to address standards like MiFID II, FINRA, and SEC for educational institutions. The compliant collaboration archive module makes archiving voice, video, chat, and content as easy as possible.

After its merger with Actiance, Smash created a Cisco solution focused on compliance and security. The app captures information and activities in Cisco Webex Teams in near real-time.

This makes it easy for you to retain important data, archive lessons, and even stay compliant with educational governance requirements. The high-speed data capture capabilities from Smarsh allows educational facilities to get a real-time overview of how data is being preserved and protected in a digital landscape.

Keep distance learning secure with Smarsh

Smarsh believes that Cisco Webex Teams is already one of the most secure and reliable cloud collaboration tools on the web today. However, Smarsh provides extra support for customers that require things like context-preserved discovery, cloud archiving, and real-time governance.

When security and compliance are crucial to protecting your students, Smarsh provides an extra layer of support.

You can even use Smash to create training and webinar sessions for new teachers joining a team. Contextual replays of previous lessons help new educators to see how they continually improve sessions.

CirQLive allows schools to integrate their Cisco Webex suite with their LMS (Learning Management System).

Through CirQLive MEETS, you can enhance the Cisco Webex Meetings suite and tap into important information about student work and collaboration. Modules in the service include attendance records, private meeting scheduling, and lesson scheduling.

Once the solution is installed, you can unlock features like:

CirQLive helps you access a better connection between collaboration tools and your LMS. This way, you can track accurate data about student engagements, and book more efficient sessions between teachers and students.

CirQLive MEETS also provides access to analytics and data that highlight the adoption rate of online learning programs. You can see which of your students are using which learning services the most. is an end-to-end integration service for educators using Cisco Webex.

You can use the connectors within to link various products, services, and devices, for a more manageable workflow. The result is countless options to collaborate better and gather in-depth data from your online learning environment.

Schooling facilities can use to build bots that automate crucial processes, like arranging meetings with students or setting deadline reminders for tasks. There’s also the option to connect the digital and physical world with reminders and notifications sent to in-school devices and signage.

Distance learning workflows with

The end-to-end integration suite from Flow means you can automate entire workflows in minutes using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

For example, you can: helps you connect aspects of your online learning environment together in one space, so you can keep track of what’s happening.

You can even record a week’s worth of lessons in advance, and let your students access them whenever they choose.

Features of Rec.VC include:

By using Cisco Webex, and the extended partner ecosystem, you are one step closer executing the perfect distance learning schedule.

For more information on any of the apps featured, and to take your Webex experience to the next level, use the links below:

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