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Deploy your Kubernetes applications easily with Cellery

So you have an application ready to be deployed into a Kubernetes cluster and you want to do it in an easy way, that’s Great! In this article, we are going to deploy a Todo application using standard Kubernetes YAML’s and compare it by deploying the same application using Cellery.

In our very simple Todo application, we have a single todo service which provides add/update/list for todos and a MySQL database.

Create a SQL initialization ConfigMap which is used for populate SQL schema.

Create the MySQL deployment

Create the service for the MySQL deployment

Now our MySQL deployment should run properly. Run kubectl get pods and verify whether the MySQL pod is running.

Create a Secret containing MySQL credentials for our todo service

Create Todo service deployment and service by running the following two commands

We need an ingress in order to expose our application and test it. Create a ingress by running the following command

Run kubectl get pods verify our two pods are in running state. Once all in running state, run kubectl get ing todo-app-ingress to get our IP address and hostname to invoke the service. The command should output something similar to following,

Invoke our service by running the following command, (make sure to replace the IP address)

You should get an output similar to this

For our sample, we can use a single cell to deploy our application. Run the following command to deploy our todo service as a cell and expose it via the ingress.

Once you verify the pods are running, get the IP and hostname by running kubectl get ing todo-app-ingress invoke the service by running following command,

You should see the same response output as above.

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